In fall 2012, Control Skateboards MFG expands
the shop yet again with an additional 7000 square feet, now making it a 14 000
square feet factory. With approximately 15 employees today, Control Skateboards
MFG doesn't just sell custom skateboards but now also supplies his customers with longboards, wheels,
trucks and griptape - to satisfied customers all around the world.

During the summer of 2006, Control Skateboards MFG take their sales to another level by creating a dynamic online sales system to cater to as many new customers as possible.

In fall 2004, the manufacture is moved into the most advanced setup to date in a 6 800
square feet location, with top of the line computer controlled router, robotic
machinery, high precision molds and 55 presses. Control Skateboards MFG's dynamic
movement makes this skateboard manufacture the
most efficient so far. Carl's everlasting commitment towards high quality
product makes his skateboards some of the best on the market today, and most
importantly always through a personalized service.

In 2001, Carl decides to concentrate on
manufacturing OEM skateboards and closes the
skatepark to use the extra space to his advantage. He is introducing innovative machinery such as a numerical 5 axes
CNC tooling robot and brings the skateboard manufacturing process to the next
level. This new expansion enables the fine tuning on product quality thus
placing Control Skateboards MFG in an even more competitive category on the
worldwide market of skateboard manufacturing through
production innovation.

One year later Control Skateboards MFG and 5-0 Skatepark enlarge the shop to 7000 square feet.

In early 1996 when skateboarding was in its
full expansion stage, Carl and his family move the skateboard manufacture to an industrial area in a large enough space to
facilitate the expansion of his company and the first ever indoor skatepark
located on the south shore of Quebec City. At this stage, all skateboard logos are still hand screen-printed.

On June 16th 1995, Control Skateboards Inc. is
founded. Our mission is to provide the international skateboarding community
with high quality OEM skateboards, at an
affordable cost.

At the age of 18 years old, with skateboarding
on his mind, Carl Savard spent most of his time looking into ways to build his
own skateboards. After a major car accident, Carl used his compensation money
to start up his own skateboard manufacture. Using
wood working tools, homemade molds and sheets of maple veneer he was able to
accomplish his desires. Twenty-four years later, nothing has changed and this young entrepreneur's dream is
still well alive. With the help of his family Carl upgrades his machinery and
sets up his first skateboard manufacture in the
garage of his family's residence in St-Lambert, Quebec.

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